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Pappy Daily and Starday Records

The origins of some of our greatest artist’s were up to a group of traveling, driven, hard-working people who were not afraid to move and evolve with the times they were in.  Pappy Daily is absolutely NO exception.  Starting with a “side-job” distributing jukeboxes and growing into a music producer and mogul by the end […]

How George Jones was Discovered

Many George Jones fans visit our museum throughout the year and are always overwhelmed with the amazing job Nancy Jones did curating the attraction. In the museum, there are many stories about the Possum’s life explained in words, pictures, posters and even Nudie’s Suits.  There is a display that regards George Jones relationship with Pappy […]


Over here at The George Jones, we serve A LOT of Whiskey – and we are partial to Tennessee whiskey (which is why #1 on The Boot’s list is no suprise to us!).  We do think that there are a few good songs that The Boot left off: Here is our list of forgotten great […]

The 14 Best George Jones Collaborations

Couldn’t help but repost this fun run-down of duos from Wide Open Country   BY COURTNEY CAMPBELL2 MONTHS   AP Photo/Christopher Berkey Like Elvis, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams, George Jones is one of the all-time greats from any musical genre. And even though we love solo George Jones country songs, that doesn’t mean we don’t love to hear him with […]

D.Y.I Red, White and Blue Slushie

Welp – you see ’em on Instagram . .how can you enjoy one of those pretty and patriotic boozy slushies at home?  More importantly, are you going to need a million ingredients? We have some recipes gathered here for you and a few tips on how we make ours here, at The George Jones. The […]

10 Country Records You Might Own That Are Worth Money

BY LINDI SMITH2 MONTHS Wide Open Country   Have you been hanging onto some old country and western vinyl records? Maybe some old records by Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash or Tom Petty? Near mint condition? Well, you might be in possession of something worth way more than you realize. It’s not just Bob Dylan, The Beatles […]

Country Music Outlaw – A Sound or a Freedom?

For years everybody from fans to country music insiders have weighed in on what it means to be a country music “outlaw”.  Webster defines Outlaw as: 1: a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law 2a: a lawless person or a fugitive from the law b: a person or organization under a ban or restriction […]

Billy Ray Cyrus, Lil Nas X and Keith Urban CMA Fan Fest

Some folks say country, some folks say not.  Either way  – -there is room for everybody when we find music to move to and that compels us on love, life, death or the Old Town Road! For tickets to see Billy Ray Cyrus at The George Jones Rooftop bar on June 27 and 28  Click […]

Best Bottles for National Bourbon Day

Bartenders Pick The Best Bottles Of Bourbon For National Bourbon Day CHRISTOPHER OSBURN 06.11.19  UPROXX BLOG RESHARE – For complete article with social tags, click the link below.  UNSPLASH The summer is full of food and drink related holidays. Some of them are less important (we’re looking at you National Tapioca Day), but others deserve a whole […]

Best Spots in Nashville to Nurse a Hangover

You can see it coming  . . .for every truck load of “WOOOHOOOOing” bachelorettes is a group of worn out, wandering folks looking for something to cure that “last night on Broadway” feeling the next morning.  We were honored to take top-honors recently in Bach Weekend’s Blog – Best Places to Nurse a Hangover – […]