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NASHVILLE is ON! Despite Wheel of Fortune Technicality

A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ technicality cost her a trip to Nashville. So Nashville gave her a new one. Brett Kelman, Nashville Tennessean 1 day ago The instant she said it, Kristen Shaw knew she had made a mistake. © Provided by Kristen Shaw Kristen Shaw, a Wheel of Fortune contestant who missed out on a trip […]

Country Music Stars Who Served in the Military

George Jones joined the United States Marine Corps on November 16th, 1951 at the age of 20.  For more on this story click our blog HERE. Enjoy this article from The Boot that lists our beloved country music star who enlisted along with a few others!  Thank you so much for all who have served.  […]

George Jones Joins the U.S. Marine Corps

After George Jones and his first wife,  Dorothy Bonvillion divorced in 1951, he was court ordered to pay her a support stipend of $35 per week.  Unable to pay, George was found to be in contempt of court twice and even spent a few days in jail before his family could post bail. It was […]

Country Music Pathways: Your Passport the History of Country Music

Ken Burns tells the story of “Country Music” in his latest documentary on PBS, but nothing compares to standing in the places where that history was made. Use your passport to make your country music pilgrimage and earn exclusive discounts and souvenirs along the way. We here at the George Jones Museum are honored to […]

Top 10 George Jones Quotes

Not only did George Jones have an iconic voice in country music, his quotes left many fans with something deep to go on.  These thoughts and lyrics paint a picture of a man with faults – but great wisdom.  There are MANY to choose from – but here is a list of the top 10 […]

Origins of Country Music

Maybe to go forward . .we need to look back.  Ken Burns detailed a good bit of this genre’s history in his “Country Music”documentary on PBS.  Where did country music start?  Here is a great article that sums up the beginnings nicely: The History of Country Music A Crooked Country Road From Jimmie Rodgers to […]

George Jones Biopic :Who’s Going to Fill His Shoes?

Year after year y’all hear rumblings of a George Jones movie in the works. Here at The George Jones – in the heart of Nashville – smack dab in the middle of will we or won’t we . .we are here to say .. things are still in the works!   We can say a concrete […]

Funny How Time Slips Away

For more of George Jones singing with Mr. Cash click HERE. George answers 20 Questions HERE. For a list of the best George Jones Collaborations click HERE. For an article on George Jones Honkey Tonk “Possum Holler” click HERE.

Nashville’s Hot Chicken Craze

Obviously, The George Jones is not the first place to offer Hot Chicken on the menu.  With venues all around Music City – Prince’s (mentioned at length below) and Hattie B’s just to name two –  to a now national craze with top chef’s offering the delicacy in New York and L.A.- you better not […]