Bandit Went to See Her Daddy

Georges’ Gravesite gets a Special Visitor

From Taste of Country

A man and his best friend — reunited!

George Jones, who passed away in April of this year, is much missed by his family and the country music community, including his fellow artists and his large cluster of fans. He is also undoubtedly missed by his dog, Bandit, who went to visit her daddy’s grave earlier this month.

A photo of Bandit watching over her master’s final resting place was posted on Jones’ Facebook page, captioned as such: “Bandit went to see her Daddy yesterday.”

It is a sweet and heartwarming image, one that might make you well up if you are a pet owner. Canines are pretty tuned into their human owners and their emotions, and they are known creatures of habit who are distinctly affected by change, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that Bandit is likely missing her owner these days.

It is a touching photo of the dog, whose paw is perched ever so gingerly on Jones’ gravestone, which is surrounded by flowers and American flags. It reminds us that our fur babies are equal members of our families, too.

George;s love for the four legged spilled over into a dog and cat food line!  Enjoy this commercial!

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