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How George Jones was Discovered

Many George Jones fans visit our museum throughout the year and are always overwhelmed with the amazing job Nancy Jones did curating the attraction.

In the museum, there are many stories about the Possum’s life explained in words, pictures, posters and even Nudie’s Suits.  There is a display that regards George Jones relationship with Pappy Daily, and George has written about Pappy in his books  – historians have also relished in any tidbit about Jones’ life.  As the years slip by, the stories become more and more important.  Perhaps even more important is telling the stories so we can all remember and share them so our mentor and legend can live on, year after year, for many generations.

One of the stories that is always fun to tell is the story of how George Jones was discovered.

When Jones was nine his father bought him his first guitar, and when he began to display an early talent, he was sent out to the streets to perform and help earn money for the family. By his early teens he found himself playing in the dive bars of Beaumont, Texas, as well, and at age 16 he left home for Jasper, Texas, where he worked as a singer at local radio station KTXJ and nurtured his admiration for the music of Hank Williams. Jones returned to Beaumont a few years later, and in 1950 he married Dorothy Bonvillion. The couple had a daughter, Susan, shortly thereafter, but their union was short-lived, at least in part because of the explosive temper and fondness for drink that Jones had inherited from his father.

After their divorce, Jones joined the U.S. Marines and served during the Korean War. However, he was never sent overseas, instead finding himself stationed in San Jose, California, where he continued to indulge his love of music by performing in the city’s bars. When he completed his military service in 1953, Jones continued to indulge his passion and was soon discovered by producer Pappy Daily, co-owner of Starday Records. Daily quickly signed Jones to a recording contract and became his producer and his manager—a partnership that would last for years.*

A quick encounter can change a person’s life.  One of the best lesson’s we take from George’s life is the fact that he was just a person with a passion that could not be tamed – fallable and faithful he is all of us.  Maybe that’s why we all love him so much.

*excerpt taken from – an A&E Television Network Site.  For Full Article Click HERE.

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