Yesterday's Wine? Make Sangria! - The George Jones

Yesterday’s Wine? Make Sangria!

Welp  – we couldn’t help but come up with a recipe. (for that scroll after the video) But first enjoy a bit from George and Merle LIVE:

Working hard here at The George Jones Roof Restaurant and Museum – we are always coming up with ways to incorporate Possum into everything we do!  So when life gives us “Yesterday’s Wine” we make sangria!   Hahaha.

Here is an easy recipe that we make from time to time right here at the store!

The George Jones Fall Sangria

Fall Sangria Base Recipe: 

*Note this recipe can be halfed or doubled depending on need.

1btl Yesterday’s Wine (we use any cabernet)

1/2c Orange Juice

1/2c Cranberry Juice

1/3c Orange Liqueur (Gran Marnier or similar brandy not triple sec)

3Tablespoons Lime Juice

1 Orange Washed and Quartered

2 Apples Washed and Chopped

2 Cinnamon Sticks (can be left out if you want)


Pour all ingredients into appropriate sized container for batch and let macerate (basically sit in a cooler) a minimum of 24hrs. THIS CANNOT BE MADE IN A HURRY, IT MUST SIT FOR AT LEAST 24HOURS!  

Once you have the base made – you can refridgerate it for about a week!

To make a glass of sangria:

Glass of choice

Fill half way with sangria (if using a wine glass – fill until the glass just curves)

Fill with ice

Top half lime soda ( 7up/Fresca/Sprite) and soda water

Garnish with apples and oranges!  Enjoy!


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