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Best Moments from the Tennessee Titans 2017 Season

With new coach Mike Vrabel and new defensive coordinator Dean Pees, all eyes are on the Tennessee Titans in 2018. This comes after wrapping up the 2017 season with their first playoff win in 14 years, making the Titan’s 48th year in the NFL one of their most successful seasons in the last decade. As formative as 2017 was for the Titans, let’s take a step back and reminisce on some of our favorite moments from our local NFL team’s past season.


Titans v, Seahawks, Week 3

Sept. 24, 2017, marked the first home game win at Nissan Stadium for the Titans, who defeated the Seattle Seahawks 33-27 in the Week 3 game. The game produced several worthy highlights; however, the Titans really shined during the 3rd quarter, where they scored 21 straight points, including a 75-yard touchdown run from DeMarco Murray.


Mariota’s 37 yard pass against Colts’ quadruple coverage

If expectations are high for the Titans this upcoming season, they’re even higher for quarterback Marcus Mariota, whose speed proved to be extremely valuable for the Titans offense this season. On top of his ability to run the ball, Mariota also proved his passing ability with “the best throw of the NFL season” during the Week 12 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Check out the pass here.


Titans v. Jaguars, Week 17

On Dec. 31, 2017, the Titans secured their place in the wild card round after beating the AFC South champion Jacksonville Jaguars 15-10. The Week 17 game was full of great moments, as Mariota ran a season high of 60 yards, but perhaps the best was running back Derrick Henry’s 66 yard touchdown at the top of the 2nd quarter.


Wild Card Playoffs

On Jan. 6, 2018, the Titans clinched their first playoff win after 14 years against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri. After overcoming an 18 point deficit at halftime, the Titans won 22-21, and fans celebrated accordingly at The George Jones to all of the exciting moments from the victorious night.


Mariota’s pass to himself

Who can forget Mariota catching his own touchdown pass against the Chiefs? This move came when the Titans were down 3-21 and produced the momentum needed to propel them to eventually overtaking Kansas City. This play certainly energized the fans watching from the Titans Official Watch Party at The George Jones.

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