Forget the Memes (or Don't): Old Town Road Leads Back to the People - The George Jones

Forget the Memes (or Don’t): Old Town Road Leads Back to the People

If the song Old Town Road is any indicator . . Billy Ray Cyrus is on his way to reclaim the spot he held in the 1990’s.  This boundary breaking, confidant, artful musician has heart full of soul – that still resonates as country.  Despite what critics have had to say about the achy breaky way he got into our hearts, BRC seems to be doing things the same way he ALWAYS has – by leading with his gut.   That gut is steering him right back where he belongs!

High on the anticipation for his new album, Snake Doctor Circus (coming in May) we are more than excited to share this behind the scenes video with you – from his first stop at The George Jones during his Nashville residency in April.  Scroll to the bottom for more pictures from the performances and for a link to purchase tickets to his concert dates here in June!


It was a wild night full of thunder storms and severe weather here in Nashville.  The concert started late due to many factors –  traffic, rain – that didn’t stop Billy Ray Cyrus from delivering a performance that hit us all right where we hoped- in the gut that he seems to operate from!

You would have to be born under a rock to not have heard at least a little about this latest Social Media rags to riches story.  Artist Lil Nas X  – well armed with his “YeeHaw Agenda” took a song he purchased from a Dutch producer (called Old Town Road) and turned it into a TikTok dance challenge and countless memes and Instagram clips – which skyrocketed his song to the forefront of all social media platforms.  Noticing the song was a force to be reckoned with, Lil Nas X captured the attention of many premiere artists (producer YoungKoi and of course, BRC among them) as well as social influencers who helped moved the marketing from there.  Suddenly, the song has earned a deal with Columbia Records, has had a love/hate relationship with the Billboard Country Charts – but has found a home on the Billboard Top 100 – even ousting a Taylor Swift premiere.

Purchase tickets to the intimate Rooftop Performance HERE.


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