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George Jones’ Littlest Fan

A few months ago, we got a terrific email  from a mom who explained that her daughter, age 3 was a HUGE George Jones fan:

The Britz Family, with daughter Hallie (3)

“My three year old daughter is a huge fan of George’s music.  Where could I send a fan appreciation letter to Nancy?  Is that possible? I’m not asking for a personal address, I would just like someone in the Jones family to know how much my girl loves his music. Thanks!”

Hallie trying her hand at radio in the mock station inside the George Jones Museum in Nashville. Radio was one of George’s first jobs.

We, of course, passed this information right along to Nancy Jones and included an invitation for Hallie and her family to come on out and visit the museum any time!  Well, that time finally came and Hallie was able to come out for a visit last week! 


Emily, Hallie’s mom, comes from a long line of George Jones fans.  When she put on a George Jones record for her daughter – the legacy lived on and another true fan was born!  


“She won’t let me play any other records “, says Emily, “Hallie’s favorite song is White Lightning right now – but she loves them all!”


It was a real pleasure to have her visit and to see George’s legacy alive in the heart of someone new.  His music is timeless and still touching souls!

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